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Your unused rooftop can bring you new cash flows and help save the planet.
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Economic Benefit more

No upfront cost. Begin generating positive cash flows day one.

Reduce your electricity bill.

SunChange will optimize the best approach to reduce your power bill. Complete our solar assessment to find out how much cash you could generate.

Take advantage of Illinois's solar incentive before funding runs out.

SunChange will ensure you maximize both Illinois and Federal incentives. Click here to learn more about the the Illinois Adjustable Block program.

Zero risk and zero hassle.

No upfront cost. We handle the cost and tasks to complete high quality construction and maintenance.

Note: Savings not guaranteed, complete a solar assessment to see your savings potential

Environmental Impact

Underutilized rooftops are an ideal place for environmentally-friendly solar energy generation.

Reduce global warming

Solar power production results in zero carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing these emissions will help to reach the goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius - viewed as necessary to avoid the most catastrophic effects of global warming.

Limit acid rain

Acid raid has been shown to have adverse impacts on human health and the environment. 65% of annual sulfur dioxide, the main component of acid rain, emissions are from coal fired power plants. Shifting consumption to solar power, which produces no sulfur dioxide, can help limit the amount of acid rain.

Lower harmful particulate emissions

Unlike coal power plants, solar power produces no particulates. The soot, smoke and other small particles left from burning coal can become lodged in the lungs, increasing the likelihood of lung disease, and can accumulate on surfaces, making the black and sooty.

Three Easy Steps more

No hassle. We handle construction. We handle maintenance.

Project Assessment

With a 15min phone call and a quick site assessment we can provide a project proposal.

Project Install

We handle all permitting, government incentive applications, and installation with no hassle or cost to you.

Simple Monthly Payment

Pay based on how much power your panels generate. That simple.